Carpet and Flooring Showrooms in Calgary

A Carpet That Suits Your Needs


At Centura Tile, we are not just about tiles; our offerings to homeowners also include residential carpets and accessories. Our carpet showroom in Calgary offers a wide selection of carpets, including nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.


All or our carpet offerings at our flooring showroom in Calgary come in a variety of different styles that are geared towards your unique tastes. As a homeowner, you want a carpet that will stand up to the test of time; that’s why we offer durable yet attractive carpets at our carpet showroom in Calgary.


Whether you’re looking for something stylish or for more practical carpeting, you’ll find it at our flooring showroom in Calgary. We offer everything from vibrant colours to more neutral yet attractive tones and will work closely with you to find the carpet that is perfect for your home.


You don’t even have to visit our carpet showroom in Calgary; browse our web site to view the complete selection of carpet and colours we have available. Regardless of whether you shop online or visit our flooring showroom in Calgary, we have a carpet that suits your needs.


How to Choose a Carpet


Now that you’re looking into buying a new carpet for your home, you doubtlessly have a lot of questions. If so, the staff at Centura Tile’s carpet showroom in Calgary is here to answer your questions and help you pick the carpet that is best for your home.


When buying a new carpet, you also want it to match the paint in the room it will be installed in, and if you want a different shade, you’ll need to make sure it won’t clash too drastically. You should also be aware that some material requires frequent cleanings, so if you have a busy schedule, choose a carpet that’s low-maintenance. To help make these decisions, visit our flooring showroom in Calgary to view a wide variety of low-maintenance carpets.


When buying a carpet, you want it to be the right texture. Our carpet showroom in Calgary has a complete selection, so you can try the textures out and pick the carpet that is right for you. You also want to buy a carpet that will fit your budget. That’s why Centura Tile offers carpeting solutions that are geared towards every homeowner’s budget. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or there’s no limit on how much you’re willing to spend, we have a solution that’s right for you.


And don’t be afraid to compare colours and patterns! At Centura Tile’s flooring showroom in Calgary, our team of experts will take the time to work with you so you make the right choice.