Centura Tile Flooring Showroom in Hamilton

Come to your Centura Tile location in Hamilton to discover plenty of simple ways to quickly add elegance and distinction to any room in your home or office. When used on both a floor and a wall, our hard surface options can provide a hygienic and naturally beautiful look to any kitchen or bathroom. We will match the grout to the shade of your tile, making your floor and wall tile installation look as professional and beautiful. Of course, we also carry carpet and laminate options and are excited to share them with you.


In Hamilton, ceramic tiles are not only popular because of their effortless beauty, but because they are so easy to take care of. Ceramic tiles are non-porous, keeping water and harmful substances like dirt and food from setting into the surface. This feature makes cleaning ceramic tile extremely easy, requiring only a wet cloth to remove food and liquids. For homeowners in Hamilton, ceramic tile is a smart long-term choice for flooring because it doesn’t require any polishing to stay looking like new.


No two tiles look exactly the same, although their shade and design will match, giving every floor a unique appearance. To add style and elegance to any room, let Centura Tile install a variety of quality materials to your floors or walls.


 Centura 2018 Price List (* Revised May 22nd, 2018*)



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