Centura Montréal

Want to outfit your area with the best surface options—from floor to ceiling? You’re in the right place! Centura Montréal location features a state of the art show room that will have you floored—literally.

 At Centura, we care about making sure you get the best of everything for a price that you can afford. Working with Centura is worth the investment—you’ll finish your project pleased with your choice and the quality of our work. The beauty and functionality of your chosen surface is sure to add to the elegance and refinement of your space. Even more, months and years down the line, you will be praising Centura Tile and the class it will bring to your home or office.

In Montréal, ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate flooring and carpeting are options for renovating that you can find at Centura. We source our materials worldwide—bringing in stone from Europe and Asia as well as other countries. But we’re also proud of our Canadian vendors and love to showcase their work. One of our favorite materials is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile’s durability makes it ideal for heavy usage in commercial settings, and its non-porous nature makes it a very easy type of flooring to keep clean.

For commercial businesses in Montreal, ceramic tiles can come in subtle or striking designs that will effortlessly blend into the setting. Whatever kind of surface material you’re looking for is sure to be found at Centura Montréal. Visit us today!



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