Glass tiles are a unique way of making any backsplash, bathroom, or kitchen sparkle. Glass is impermeable to water and other substances including food and dirt—making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Glass tiles are an excellent choice for wet spaces. Mold and mildew cannot grow on the surface of the glass and are less likely to flourish in the caulking between tiles.

Besides its practicality, installing glass tiles in toronto, Calgary and Edmonton homes (and other cities across Canada) adds a touch of class and beauty to any space.

We offer glass tiles in many different colors including variants of clear, black, brown, blue, and white. Mosaic-like in their appearance, glass tiles are an excellent way to impress guests and increase the value of your home.

Whether that space is outdoors, indoors, or somewhere in between, Centura Tile can create a stunning surface from our glass tile.

Be sure to visit one of our locations nearest you for all your Residential Glass Tile needs: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, London, Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Peterborough, Quebec, St.John’s, Toronto, Vancouver and Windsor.