Centura Magazine Summer 2019

In this issue :

  • Matrice : Dichotomy between reproduction and creation
  • FES : When craftsmanship inspires ceramics
  • Project Glenora : A bathroom inspired by nature
  • Elemento Collection : Give way to creativity
  • Raimondi : Innovate to make work easier
Featured story


Collection Matrice Centura
Matrice, Wall + Floor: Trama 1 120 X 240 cm, 120 X 120 cm, 60 X 120 cm

To appreciate the profundity of the design project undertaken by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò for Cedit, it is both necessary and explanatory to start from the title the collection bears.

[…] Matrice, in Italian, refers to a die or mould used to reproduce an object, but its origins are much more remote, with a meaning closer to the English “matrix”, meaning the underlying basis of something. The root of the word is related to Mater or mother: the name Matrice thus relates to the origin or cause of something. This dichotomy is expressed in several levels within the work of these architects, who study the world from a sophisticated conceptual approach and then transform it into a design. […]

Barbara Brondi & Marco Raino

 […] The various types of slab, each an atlas of subtle,vibrant signs on the surfaces, comprise finishes that reproduce the visual effect of reinforced concrete – with the aggregates in the cement more clearly visible, of formwork – with the signs impressed on the concrete by the timber used, of a structured surface resembling bare cement plaster, of ridged and streaked surfaces – with patterning resembling some kinds of linear surface finishing processes – and finally a smooth, or basic version, over which Matrice exercises the dichotomy referred to earlier. […]

To learn more about the creation of the Matrice collection, download your magazine or visit the Matrice section of Florim’s website to learn more about its technical specifications.

Vol. 6, no 1 - Spring 2019 (PDF) download icon
  • Centura Vancouver: grand reopening
  • Storie: history leaves its marks
  • Ultra: from large thin formats to infinite possibilities
  • Aluminum: back to the 1950s
  • Étoile de Rex: exceptional reproductions of rare marbles
  • IDNTY: a barbershop reflecting its owners’ lifestyle 
Vol. 5, no 3 Fall - Winter 2018 (PDF) download icon
  • Ariostea Ultra: a look at an exceptional XXL series
  • Cromatica designed by Formafantasma
  • Project: Blanville House, XXL tiles for a residential use
  • Chromazone: colour forecast workshop 
  • Marvel Gems: Venetian terrazzo in a modern execution
Vol. 5, no 2 - Summer 2018 (PDF) download icon
  • Uniquestone: shades of silk to dark night
  • Rebekah Higgs: DIY Mom
  • Project: a Muskoka cottage renovation
  • Outdoor Centura Tiles
  • Patchwork: new patterns for your floors
Vol. 5, no 1 - Spring 2018 (PDF) download icon
  • Equipe: their new daring tile series
  • Sphera by Forbo: a vibrant visual for vinyl flooring
  • Glocal: essential, neutral and tactile
  • Slash: colour is back!
  • Sfumature: tradition, elegance and aesthetics
Vol. 4, no 3 - Fall 2017 (PDF) download icon
  • Encaustic: a tribute to 19th century cement tiles
  • Jewels: bright new marble finishes
  • Colour Market: the soft colours of Brazil
  • Project: the Green Door House in Hamilton
Vol. 4, no 2 - Summer 2017 (PDF) download icon
  • Marvel Gems: trendy terrazzo tiles
  • DeCurtis Design Inc: when designers listen to their customer aspirations
  • evo-Q: new quartzite tiles with natural colours
  • Project: a Montreal basement reinvented by J&J Interiors
  • Abaco: singular shapes with a realistic stone look
Vol. 4, no 1 - Spring 2017 (PDF) download icon
  • Industrial Glass: when factories become a source of inspiration
  • I Classici by Rex: contemporary and traditional at the same time
  • Bits and Pieces: a unique tile collection
  • Project: incursion at 21 Welsford in North York, Ontario
  • Coverlam: outdoors or indoors use of XXL tiles