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BRUCE COWIE 1957-2019. All Centura employees across Canada wish their deepest sympathies to the family of Bruce Cowie, co-owner of Centura Tile and brother of Brian Cowie, President and CEO of Centura Tile.
Easy Heat® 240V Cable kit

Easy Heat® 240V Cable kit

Warm TilesTM Floor Warming Cables (DFT) provide for a custom layout, based solely on walkable area.

Two different spacing options allow for variable heat output necessary in applications over unheated sub-floors.

  • 18-25 ft2 #DFT2021
  • 26-35 ft2 #DFT2031
  • 48-55 ft2 #DFT2053
  • 60-70 ft2 #DFT2065
  • 71-83 ft2 #DFT2078
  • 90-100 ft2 #DFT2095
  • 110-130 ft2 #DFT2118
  • 131-145 ft2 #DFT2137
  • 146-165 ft2 #DFT2157
  • 185-204 ft2 #DFT2195
  • 205-225 ft2 #DFT2215


  • Available in 120 and 240 Vac kits.

  • Easily installed on subfloor or concrete slab, in thin-set or self-leveling compound materials.

  • Supplied with standard 10 ft (3.05 m) cold leads, are designed to supply at least 12 W/ft2 — 15 W/ft2 when installed per instructions.

The WarmTiles ® Floor Warming Kit Includes

  • Warm Tiles Floor Warming Cable
  • Strapping
  • Extra Clips
  • Multi-lingual Installation Instructions
  • User’s Guide 
  • Warranty Details

You Will Need: Warm Tiles Thermostat kit, sold separately in Programmable or Non-Programmable models.