Ardex® P4 Pre-Mixed, Rapid-Drying, Multipurpose Primer

Ardex® P4 Pre-Mixed, Rapid-Drying, Multipurpose Primer

ARDEX P 4™ Pre-Mixed, Rapid-Drying, Multipurpose Primer is a pre-mixed, single-component, rapid-drying, multi-purpose primer for interior and exterior use. The consistency of ARDEX P 4 has been formulated to virtually eliminate dripping and splashes. Use prior to the installation of ARDEX Tile & Stone mortars and ARDEX self-leveling underlayments. ARDEX P 4 produces a textured surface and can be used on smooth surfaces to create a bond. It is the ideal primer for use in areas that may become damp or wet, such as kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc.

  • 3.79 L / 1 gal #p4g


Suitable for Use Over the Following Substrates*:

  • Concrete
  • Cementitious terrazzo
  • Gypsum
  • Cementitious patching and smoothing compounds
  • Dry sand/cement screeds
  • Porcelain, ceramic, glass and quarry tiles and most natural stone
  • Non-water-soluble adhesive residue on concrete (ARDEX Tile & Stone mortars only)
  • ARDEX PU 50™ One-Component, Polyurethane, Vapor Retarder
  • ARDEX MC™ RAPID One-Coat Moisture Control System for Concrete to Receive ARDEX Products

*While ARDEX P 4 is approved for use over these substrates, not all self-leveling underlayments and tiling systems are approved for use over these substrates or for use with ARDEX P 4 in all cases. Please refer to the technical data sheets of the individual tiling and self-leveling products for approved uses.