Tarkett® Prosheet P3 Underlayment

Tarkett® Prosheet P3 Underlayment

Inexpensive Floating Floor for Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank (LVT/LVP) and Resilient Fiberglass Reinforced Sheet Vinyl. Save Time and Money! Covers poor sub-floor conditions and installs directly over OSB. Quick and Easy Subfloor Protection – Directly glue LVT/LVP to the underlayment. Also good for fast future replacement.

  • 6 x 132 ft #220095001
  • 6 x 33,34 ft #220976001


  • ProSheet Plus 3 eliminates the need for underlayment panels over wood subfloors, covers floor imperfections and provides a floating floor system for the products listed on the front side.
  • PS+3 will minimize the effects of subfloor conditions such as deflection, staining and telegraphing of subfloor texturing.
  • PS+3 has a minimal contribution to sound dampening of a Delta IIC of 7.
  • Heavy furniture and appliances may produce indentation with the flooring system over extended periods of time.