Aqua Mix® Grout Release
Aqua Mix® Grout Release

Aqua Mix® Grout Release

Grout Release is a temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating. It provides protection against grout and mortar staining and eases grout cleanup. Ideal for porous textured material such as; Sandstone, concrete pavers & bricks.

  • 3.78 L / 1 gal #GRREG
    Price varies with region
  • 946 ml / 32 oz #GRREQ
    Price varies with region


  • Temporary, water-soluble pre-grout coating
  • Provides protection against grout & mortar staining
  • Installation aid simplifies cleanup

For use on:
Porous textured surfaces such as; natural stone, concrete pavers, masonry surfaces, ceramic, porcelain, quarry, saltillo, terra-cotta


  • Prevent buildup of Grout Release in grout joints
  • Do not use acid solutions for cleanup as acid may react with Grout Release, forming a crystalline residue on surface
  • Product may discolor some light coloured tile and stone