Schluter® KERDI-LINE Frame with Perforated brushed stainless finish Grate - 19 mm

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The Schluter®-KERDI-LINE is a low profile linear floor drain specifically designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies. KERDI-LINE can be installed adjacent to walls or at intermediate locations in showers, wet rooms, and other applications that require waterproofing and drainage.

  • New! KERDI-LINE-STYLE is available in three stylish options: Floral, Curve et Pure
  • Create curbless, open-concept spaces
  • Floors can be sloped on a single plane to KERDI-LINE, enabling the use of large-format tiles
  • Channel body is made of formed stainless steel and features a KERDI collar to create a secure waterproof connection
  • Off-set and center outlets available
  • Accommodates all common thicknesses of ceramic tiles and stone coverings
  • Available in lengths ranging from 20” (50 cm) to 72”(180 cm)
  • Grate assemblies sold separately and available in six designs
  • Solid and perforated grates can be used with the KERDI-LINE-FC to create a seamless look in applications where multiple drains are installed end-to-end

This kit includes:

  • 1 perforated, brushed stainless steel grate
  • 1 brushed stainless steel grate frame

Don’t forget! The KERDI-LINE channel body must be selected separately.