Impact resistant laser level kit

  • SKU 100053

Impact, Water, Dust Resistant. Soft grip and ABS house offset impacts from drop and shock.
IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection. 

Works well with bright lighting. With aid of 2 extra right perpendicular dots on front vertical laser beam, tou can construct a vertical laser line by linking the two dots, even when the lines are invisible under strong light.

Oudoor mode
Turn the OUTDOOR mode to unse thge receiver.
With recever, ideal working range is 25m (recommended).
Maximum working range: 40m

Accessories : Magnet Wall Mount
Use powerful magnet to stick onto any metallic surface for levelling.
Use without tripod.

  • 1 horizontal beam
  • 2 vertical spokes
  • 2 points aligned with the front vertical level ray
  • 1 point at the bottom


  • Laser level
  • 360 degree rotating base
  • EVA cushion bag
  • Working glasses
  • Target plate
  • Carrying strap
  • Alkaline batteries (AA)
  • Magnetic wall mount
  • 1.2 m tripod