Romus® Pico Groover
Romus® Pico Groover

Romus® Pico Groover

Joint grooving : Means making a groove along a joint between two floor coverings glued side by side. 2 types :

  • Tight joint (less than 1 mm) for PVC flooring without foam and linoleum (Tarkett, Forbo)
  • Wide joint (more than 1 mm) for foam-backed PVC acoustic and sports flooring (Gerflor) Homogeneous floors, Heterogeneous vinyl floors Heterogeneous cushion vinyl, Compact Vinyl, Foam.

For making a “U” groove without a ruler, in a regular, uniform and rapid way. Guiding system (no play) for greater precision. Can be used in both directions: pulling and pushing. Tight joint. Adjustable depth. “U shape blade Ø 3.3 mm. Stainless steel guide depth 1 mm thickness 0.3 mm. Depth lock.

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Supplied with one blade fitted and two spares (ref. 95176)