Alpha® PT Cutter Dry Blade

Alpha® PT Cutter Dry Blade

PT Cutter blade is designed to cut porcelain paver tiles, with the minimal chipping on the edge, using a gas-powered demolition saw.

  • #LT12A


  • Size : 12 in
  • Thickness : 2.6mm
  • Max RPM : 6 200
  • Arbor : 1 in, 7/8 in, 20mm
  • Best Dry Cutting Turbo Blade on the Market 
  • Perfect for Porcelain Paver Tiles 
  • 6mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • Recommended for Landscaping Tiles
  • Fits Most Gas-Powered Demolition Saws
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Special Turbo Rim Diamond Layer Sintered Directly to the Steel Core