Rubi® Terrazo cutter B-14-S
Rubi® Terrazo cutter B-14-S

Rubi® Terrazo cutter B-14-S

Cutter with manual mechanism for cutting concrete blocks, paving stones, curbs, etc. The adjustment system of the blades facilitates quick and accurate fixing of the material to be cut.

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  • For cutting concrete blocks. Strength: 9,038.9 Lb. (4.100 kg.).
  • Maximum cutting length: 16” (41cm). Width: 1”-6 1/8” (2,5-15,5cm)
  • Equipped with adjustable handle length to facilitate cutting by the user with the least possible effort.
  • The RUBI B-14-S block cutter is able to cut concrete blocks cleanly, quickly and accurately due to their power of 4,100 kg.
  • With the B-14-S block cutters you can make cuts in pieces up to 41 cm long (or wide, depending on how the piece is placed) and with thickness ranging from 2.5 cm to a maximum of 15.5 cm.
  • With the manual cutters for building materials such as the B-14-S block cutter, the professional can perform urban paving work without the need to use an electric cutter. B-14-S block cutters do not create any dust or noise pollution, making it an "urban friendly" tool.