Sigma® Tile Cutter MAX 3E4M
Sigma® Tile Cutter MAX 3E4M

Sigma® Tile Cutter MAX 3E4M

The Sigma Max Series 49” snap cutter is recommended for precise cuts on any size tile and is the perfect choice when working with tiles 36” and larger. The push handle design allows you to reach further with consistent pressure providing for a cleaner cut and less waste. The unique spring loaded ball bearing mounted scoring wheel ensures a smooth feel and consistent scores on textured tiles.

  • #3E4M
    Price varies with region


  • Super smooth ball bearing centred 19mm scoring wheel
  • Spring loaded Scoring system
  • Especially suited to uneven and riven faced tiles
  • Excellent on porcelain tiles
  • Score by pushing (can pull also)
  • True sprung loaded base plates
  • Flip down breaker allows breaking all the way along tile length
  • Rotating measure bar rotates up to 45 degrees either way
  • Includes easy transport wheels fitted on the tail end

Replacement parts and maintenance

  • #14MX Sigma® MAX Scoring Wheel 19mm
  • #90LE Swivel Measurement Bar 3E series