Crain® Power Groover

Crain® Power Groover

This tool tracks in the seamline to cut a trapezoidal groove for welding. Features simple, precise depth adjustment, effective chip control, and metal carrying case. Comes with a 12 tooth 130mm carbide-tipped blade (No. 971). This blade is compatible with other common groovers, and has trapezoidal teeth which can be resharpened. Choose the heavy grit diamond blade for metal impregnated safety floors (No. 972). 110V AC 9A No load RPM 12,000. Maximum cutting depth 5mm.

  • #CR970


  • Power groover with seam tracking wheels following the seamline to cut a diagonal groove.
  • Simple depth control knob is labelled in increments of 1/10 of a millimeter.
  • More chips are collected in the dust bag due to optimized direction of airflow.
  • Comes with 12 tooth 130 mm carbide tipped blade (CR971) and metal carrying case.