Raimondi® EXPLOIT 70 Wet Saw

Raimondi® EXPLOIT 70 Wet Saw

For cutting porcelain, single-double fired, marble and granite.

  • #393N070US


  • Maximum length of cut 70 cm (27-1/2 in).
  • Maximum depth of cut: 45 mm (1 3/4”) in single pass; 60 mm (2-3/8 in) in double pass.
  • Diamond blade: max Ø 200 mm (8”); min Ø180 mm (7”).
  • Plunge cut and adjustable cutting depth.
  • Heavy Duty water pump.
  • Sliding bar and pivots in aluminum.
  • Easy-to-remove aluminum work benches for easy cleaning and maximum sturdiness.
  • Coated metal frame.
  • Re-adjustable aluminum square.
  • Motor moves on 4 polypropylene pulleys; each pulley is reinforced with 2 inside bearings.
  • Pulleys are easy to re-adjust (tighten): avoid play and confer long lasting precision of cut.
  • Motor held by galvanized metal frame.
  • Tilting movement (0-47°) for 45° angle cut (jolly).
  • Available accessories: self-standing side bench with rollers, 4 wheels + 2 handles kit.
  • Supplied with Ø 200 mm (8”) continual crown diamond disc for ceramic tiles, user manual, keys kit, dressing stone.

Replacement parts and maintenance

  • #192SQ04A1 Raimondi® Square Triangle
  • #294FM01A Raimondi® Sliding Bar Stop
  • #309CV02A Raimondi® Bearings for Sliding Pulley
  • #235ER02A Raimondi® Starter For Exploit ADV 110V
  • #191GE06A Raimondi® Square
  • #297IN42D Raimondi® Motor For Exploit 70
  • #240JET110V60H Raimondi® Immersion Pump filter 120V.60HZ
  • #114TZ08D Raimondi® Sliding Rail For Exploit 70
  • #278CP03D1 Raimondi® Flange for Exploit Blade
  • #251TZ01D Raimondi® Rail Support
  • #234TR06C Raimondi® Thermal Protector For Exploit
  • #315CR02K Raimondi® Wheels/Handle Kit Exploit/Bolt/