Alpha® Ecoguard Type EG

Alpha® Ecoguard Type EG

It fits most of the popular 6”-8” grinders on the market today. When connected to your industrial vacuum, the Ecoguard EG moves easily for the operator making a virtually dust-free grinding application. It uses the centrifugal force created by the grinding wheel to force the dust out the side exhaust port removing up to 95% of the pollutants. The Ecoguard EG works great on fiberglass, concrete, wood, paints and epoxies. It can be used with sandpaper, diamond cup wheels and soft pad discs.



Size : 8 in

Equipment Included :

  • Ecoguard EG
  • Adapter Rings (2)
  • Cable Tie
  • Hose Clamp
  • Spacer Washers (3)