Alpha® Spike Disc

Alpha® Spike Disc

Uses new diamond technology or a high-quality diamond grains multilayer, brazed under vacuum in a cluster-shaped layer. Ideal for removing epoxy, urethane, paint, pressure sensitive adhesive residue, glue, black glue. Can be used on steel, fiberglass, cement, but especially on wood.

  • RPM : 13200
    Grit : 35
    Diameter : 4-1/2
  • RPM : 12200
    Grit : 35
    Diameter : 5
  • RPM : 8400
    Grit : 35
    Diameter : 7


  • Designed for Thick Coating Removal of Epoxy, Urethane, Glue and Adhesives
  • Unique Open-Mesh Layout Reduces Clogging and Head Build-Up
  • Optimized Diamond Grits Provide A Consistent Performance
  • Sandwiched-Rubber Cushioned Light-Weight Body Reduces Noise and Vibration
  • Each Diamond Bead Has Multiple Diamond Grits To Maintain A Sharp Cutting Capability for A Long Time
  • Can Be Used On Steel, Wood, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.