OX® Pro Level

OX® Pro Level

  • 60 cm / 24 in #OXP024406
  • 90 cm / 36 in #OXP024409
  • 120 cm / 48 in #OXP024412
  • 182 cm / 72 in #OXP024418


  • Plumb Site vial viewer allows plumb vial to be read from a front view position, eliminating the parallax error and increasing efficiency

  • Bi-material, air-cushioned shockproof end caps protect levels from the force of falls, maintaining level integrity and vial accuracy
  • Equipped with dedicated wall grips on both sides of the level, providing symetrical use and preventing damage of work surface
  • Soft Grip handles with engineered cushioning for a better, longer, and more comfortable grip
  • Non-slip handle design lessens slipping of level in wet conditions
  • Epoxy-locked vials and plastic ABS vial housings
  • Powder coated, anti-stick coating