In Memoriam
BRUCE COWIE 1957-2019. All Centura employees across Canada wish their deepest sympathies to the family of Bruce Cowie, co-owner of Centura Tile and brother of Brian Cowie, President and CEO of Centura Tile.
Crain® Acrylic 10 in Glue Sticks (19 pack)

Crain® Acrylic 10 in Glue Sticks (19 pack)

  • #CR208


  • Quickly bond tack strip, wood, metal trims and vinyl moldings to concrete, tile, stone or wood floors.
  • A fast alternative to aluminum drives or contact cement, they set up after 60 – 80 seconds.
  • Includes 19 each 10” long sticks (1 lb. of adhesive) in a self-closing bag for storage.
  • Sticks are standard 7/16” diameter for use in a wide variety of glue guns.