Butyl Sealing Rubber Tape

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Single Sided Butyl Sealing rubber tapes are long strips or sheets that are made up of butyl rubber which can stretch and conform to any surface, thus creating a watertight seal. This makes butyl rubber highly useful in areas where a waterproof seal is important.

It is an extremely versatile product thanks to its gray rubber material. Self-adhesive and highly conformable, it adapts to the shape of the surface to which it is applied. It’s the ideal solution for sealing shower enclosures, pipes, vents and other elements with an irregular cross-section. Easy to apply and highly workable, it maintains its elasticity even in cold environments, which makes it easy to install on windows and frames with irregular curvatures.

  • Use with Foam Tile Backer Board
  • Use as weatherproof barrier for sealing laps, trims, pipes, vents, panels seam and other elements with an irregular cross-section.
  • Superior seal and flexibility.
  • Self-adhesive even at low temperatures.

Gray Butyl Tapes, undeniably, can be considered as an all-in-one solution due to its many application uses. In addition, it is also compatible with these surfaces: Glass, Rubber roofing, Metal roofing, Wood, Galvanized, Aluminum, Metal, and Plastic.