ECHOtape® White Double Sided Tape

ECHOtape® White Double Sided Tape

DC-U032A is the right choice when you need a tape that is extremely aggressive and strong for permanent mounting and bonding purposes. It sticks very well to smooth surfaces such as steel and plastic but can also adhere to more rough or textured surfaces such as wood.  Designed to work at room temperature, it can also perform for medium heat applications.  It is engineered with an acrylic adhesive for maximum performance and durability both indoors and outdoors.

  • #DCU032A


  • Use for permanently bonding metal, plastic, rubber, plexiglass and wood
  • Use for mounting small to medium lightweight indoor and outdoor signs
  • Use for mounting name plates & decorative trims
  • Use for difficult bonding applications where other tapes may not adhere properly
  • Excellent holding power from the onset for most surfaces
  • Easy to remove paper liner making it easy to apply and use
  • Easily conforms to most surfaces
  • Offers great resistance to extreme weather and environmental conditions