Bosch® Organizational Shelf System with Drawers and Carry Handle

Bosch® Organizational Shelf System with Drawers and Carry Handle

The Bosch L-RACK is a customizable expansion option for the Click & GO system. Users can now add new l-rack drawers, i-BOXX72 trays and organizer sets to expand their customized storage, organization and transport solution. Add a few l-racks to any size L-BOXX to build specific Tool Kit. Stack them high or side-by-side to create a stationary storage system in your shop. The entire system uses single-click stacking technology, so you can stay organized and mobile. The l-rack is a 3 shelf unit, complete with (2) LST-72OD drawers and (1) i-BOXX53 tray that can easily be expanded and customized.

  • #LRACK


  • Height : 12.0"
  • Length : 17.5"
  • Material : High Density Plastic
  • Weight : 13.5lb
  • Width : 13.5"
  • L-RACK offers three drawers for storage and organization that can be easily expanded.
  • Add additional storage and organization to any L-Boxx or L-RACK
  • Click & GO stacking - easily lock tool cases together for easy transport and handling
  • Expand or customize your L-RACK with any of the following: i-Boxx3, i-Boxx53-12, i-Boxx72, i-Boxx72-10, LST72-OD, L-RACK-S, L-Boxx-1, L-Boxx-2, L-Boxx-3, L-Boxx-4, L-Boxx-1A