Marshalltown® Curved Floor Squeegee
Marshalltown® Curved Floor Squeegee

Marshalltown® Curved Floor Squeegee

Aluminum and steel construction for strength and durability. Remove water and other liquids from surfaces. It is made of industrial strength, galvanized steel and has a hard rubber bottom. It has a scraping edge featuring a neoprene blade that allows you to remove stuck on debris from the job site, as well as service station sludge. It also stands up to most chemicals, paints and solvents for extended use. This squeegee is suitable for moving large amounts of water and other fluids. Use it in the garage, on the driveway, sidewalks, a deck or patio to eliminate water from melting snow or heavy rains. Can also be utilized on an industrial site to clean floor surfaces at the end of the day.

  • #RED700248
    Price varies with region


  • Black neoprene blade has a durameter of 72 and a temperature rating of 338° F/170° C
  • Comes complete with a 60 po (1.5m) wood handle
  • Replaceable wood handle and reversible blade
  • Used for spreading sealers over existing asphalt surfaces