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BRUCE COWIE 1957-2019. All Centura employees across Canada wish their deepest sympathies to the family of Bruce Cowie, co-owner of Centura Tile and brother of Brian Cowie, President and CEO of Centura Tile.
Rubi® Rubiflex handle paint spatulas

Rubi® Rubiflex handle paint spatulas

The stainless steel plate on RUBI paint spatulas with RUBIFLEX bi-material handles ensure maximum strength and good flexibility and resistance to oxidation, a non-negotiable condition for finishes with plaster or any other material defining condition.

  • 25 mm / 1 in #73908
  • 40 mm / 1-5/8 in #73909
  • 75 mm / 3 in #73911
  • 63 mm / 2-1/2 in #73914


Its main use is the application and smoothing out of pastes and putties, but thanks to the high wear resistance of the stainless steel sheet, the stainless steel plate on RUBI paint spatulas with wooden handles can also be used to scrape and remove traces of other materials, as wallpaper, carpets, adhesives, etc.

The stainless steel sheet is inserted into the RUBIFLEX bi-material handle and is fixed by a rivet, thereby ensuring the unitary nature of the tool.

The RUBIFLEX bi-material handle provides greater grip and comfort while using the paint spatula. The design of the RUBIFLEX bi-material handle has been carefully considered to provide construction professionals with a tool that is as ergonomic as possible.

RUBI paint spatulas with RUBIFLEX bi-material handles are available in 6 different sizes, ranging from the 25 mm wide spatula, ideal for small jobs and hard to access areas, to 150 mm spatulas for working on larger surfaces.