Rubi® Steel Jagged euro trowel
Rubi® Steel Jagged euro trowel

Rubi® Steel Jagged euro trowel

The open RUBIFLEX handle and combs have an aluminum core of great lightness and strength. Fixation between core and sheet is very rigid and is carried out by means of pressure bolts that once assembled are impossible to dismantle without endangering the integrity of the tool.

Trowels and combs with open RUBIFLEX handle have a special steel sheet of high wear resistance with protection against corrosion by colorless varnish (STEEL).

  • Notch : YW 15 mm / 2/3 in


  • Extremely light, high resistance aluminium reinforcement.
  • Highly rigid joint betwwen the reinforcement and the plate.
  • Steel plate special high wear resistance with corrosion protection by clear coat.(STEEL)