Bosch® Vacuum Polyester Filters

Bosch® Vacuum Polyester Filters

Airsweep™ vacuum filter fits Bosch 3931 series vacuum cleaner. Square-filter geometry helps maintain high suction power. Cartridge design makes filter installation easy. Filter stays in the vacuum cleaner even when wet vacuuming. | Polyester cartridge filter captures 99.93% of particles 3.0 microns or larger.


Package of 2 filters


  • #VAC012


  • Airsweep™ vacuum filter for Bosch 3931 series vacuum cleaner
  • Uses square filter geometry for superior performance
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Two filter cartridges per package
  • Sturdy, protective filter frames
  • Comes standard with the 3931 and 3931A vacuum cleaners