Gemini® Taurus 3 Ensemble de lames de séparation
Gemini® Taurus 3 Ensemble de lames de séparation

Gemini® Taurus 3 Ensemble de lames de séparation

For internal cuts, omni-directional. The Separating blade is the same size as the Standard blade and has exactly the same cutting action. The difference is that the Separating Blade is made from a stainless steel wire that is coated with the same high quality process as all our blades and then has a coupling attached to it which is also coated for protection and smooth action. 

  • #1043
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  • Functions as an omni-directional blade when cutting thin material like stained glass, but thicker materials should only be cut using a forward and backward motion
  • Great blade for dense materials - "teardrop" design cuts dense glass, tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, and hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan
  • Cuts mainly on the front and back, so to create a curve you will guide the material around the blade - any sideways cutting will leave a large wide swath
  • It's rigidity has the ability to damage the saw itself if used improperly by pushing too hard
  • Keep in mind the "golden rule" to let the saw do the cutting and do not force the material
  • It is best to avoid cutting thin dichroic glass with this blade as it will likely chip!
  • Comes with 2 orange groove grommets 
  • Blade shape: Round 0.072 Diameter (note 1/16" equals 0.063 and 1mm equals 0.0394) The grain is aggressive.
  • Material thickness Capacity: 3/8", normal use is 1/8" art glass, 1/4" soft wall tile.
  • What to Avoid: Do not use on ceramic tiles, 3/8" molten glass or thick materials in general.
  • Average blade life: 40-60 hours