Piranha® QHP Lame diamant premium
Piranha® QHP Lame diamant premium

Piranha® QHP Lame diamant premium

The Turbo Segment is an all time classic segment, designed to balance a blades need to cut quickly and cleanly, while regulating a healthy temperature, ensuring that your blade lasts longer.

The Piranha Teeth are a feature engineered for the sole purpose of further protecting a blade that is intended to be used at high speeds. The Piranha Teeth assist the blade in making its way through thicker materials, while also redistributing heat.

  • 7 po. #QHP7
    Price varies with region


The Diamond Knock Out feature is a unique component on this blade series because it allows users to mount one of our 7” or 8” dry blades on a Skil Saw, in addition to mounting the blade onto a Tub Saw.