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November 13, 2020

Floor warming systems: warmth, aesthetics and comfort

With winter on our doorstep, we are constantly looking for a suitable heating level for our comfort. Even so, it’s hard to keep your feet warm!

With a floor heating system, it is not only possible to evenly temper a room by creating a thermal mass, but also to avoid the discomfort of frozen toes.

To better explain the principle of underfloor heating, we will use the Schluter Systems underfloor heating system as an example. It uses heating cables that are installed on a decoupling membrane: Ditra-Heat or Ditra-Heat Duo (which has an insulating layer underneath the Ditra membrane, ideal for concrete basements). 

Frequent temperature variations caused by the floor heating system can cause the assembly to expand and contract. These temperature variations in the tile result in greater movement stresses that require uncoupling. The system goes under the tile and is connected to a thermostat.

Heating Cable — Ditra Heat Membrane* — Thermostat**

*Available in rolls or sheets — **Available in various models

  1. Tile

  2. Adhesif

  3. Heating Cable

  4. Ditra Heat Membrane

This type of system has long been used exclusively for bathrooms, but it is advantageous for all rooms in the house where you are considering tile flooring. It can even be installed for a shower floor if it is tiled. Depending on the number of square feet of your room, its layout and the type of wall insulation you may need an auxiliary heating system (ex: forced-air heating system).


Here are a few advantages

  • Hypoallergenic, no air circulation that displaces dust and other allergens.
  • Ditra-Heat and Ditra-Heat Duo membrane uncoupling technology is integrated into the system to prevent tile breakage.
  • Easy to install: no need for fasteners or self-leveling.
  • Minimum assembly thickness for a smooth transition to other room floor coverings. With the uncoupling membrane it is not necessary to install a second plywood substrate.
  • Invisible, this system offers great flexibility in room layout. Without an electric heater running along the base of the walls, the configuration of the space is improved.

Now you can have unparalleled comfort in your kitchen, entrance hall, basement and of course your bathrooms! It is important to consider a floor heating system before starting renovations because once your tiles are installed it is too late!