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Timeless Elegance: A Residential Masterpiece

Step into this masterpiece created by interior designer Roberto Menegati. This Montreal residence is a testament to the designer's talent, harmoniously blending modern sophistication with timeless charm.

Natural textures, carefully chosen materials such as wood and ceramics, and strategic use of natural light define the mood, creating a warm and welcoming sanctuary. The designer's creative touch shines through every single detail, from the '70s-inspired elements in the powder room to the vibrant green accents harmoniously connecting the different stories of the house. Cabinetry becomes an art form, marrying '70s aesthetics with modern materials, resulting in a lively, bold design.

This project is a celebration of light, nature and the interplay of textures, an elegant ode to an urban art of living, inspired by its lively and eclectic Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood.


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Featured Works