Residential Project

Elegant and Functional:
A Renovated Bathroom

The client's request was to renovate her bathroom to achieve a space that is both more modern and functional, with an enlarged shower separate from the bathtub. She was already considering using a portion of the adjacent bedroom to achieve this.

To accomplish this project, the designers opted for tiles from the Lemmy collection, in light shades and sized 24 x 24 inches, for the floor. To infuse a warm and dynamic atmosphere into the room, they adorned the shower walls with horizontally arranged tiles, sized 12 x 24 inches, from the Reverso collection, offering a pronounced linear texture and a travertine-style pattern. In a subtle approach, the walls were painted a soft taupe, and wooden furniture was integrated to provide a touch of current modernity.

The result is a spacious bathroom boasting a modern and contemporary aesthetic, meeting the client's expectations in terms of both beauty and functionality.

Viva Ici

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