Residential Project

Elevated Designs: Expanding Kitchens

Step into a kitchen redesign that defies conventional boundaries. Using a unique visual strategy, this project focuses on accentuating the height of the room. The design of the kitchen cabinets in different colors blurs the boundaries of the space, creating the illusion of a vast, airy gathering place. 

With a ceiling height of around three meters, the emphasis is on volume and functionality, with accessible storage incorporated into various sections of the layout, as well as access to the attic from the kitchen.

Carefully chosen, discreet yet elegant tiles draw attention to the floor. These tiles are used as a backdrop, giving way to a captivating backsplash, harmonizing the different colors of the space to create a coherent visual masterpiece.


Architecture / Interior Design
Aboudi Hassoune

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Aboudi talks about his inspiration for this project.

Installed products

3 colours
6 colours

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