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April 29, 2021

2cm tiles: extend your interior to the outside

In recent months, our industry has been invaded by the cocooning trend and everything that embodies the spirit of well-being at home. But, are you ready to embrace outdooring?

Spring is just around the corner, and the world is eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities. With our 2cm tiles, you are sure to be ready for the beautiful days to come.

One of the most important requirements for creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space is choosing the right materials for the project. Floors are often the most used parts of indoor and outdoor spaces. They are therefore an important factor in ensuring that the conditions of the space meet the needs. In fact, many of our regular 10mm thick collections are also available in 20mm (2cm) tiles for an extension of your interior to your exterior. This gives the effect of an additional room to the house.

For exterior use, our 2 cm porcelain tile collections are specially designed for this application. These porcelain tiles are durable, functional, elegant and easy to maintain. We offer a complete flooring system for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Their density, weather resistance, superior load and break strength, and ease of installation make them ideal for outdooring.

Also, if you are short on inspiration, they can be used as garden steps, laid directly on grass, gravel or sand, or used as self-supporting slabs for a raised floor system on blocks. Professional installation and advice is strongly recommended.

Another important detail is that 2cm tiles do not fade, stain or corrode. They are frost resistant, mildew and harsh weather conditions. In addition, they have good slip resistance. Various sizes are available by special order according to the collections: 36x36” / 7x48” / 12x48” / 48x48” / 32x32”

In terms of finishes, you can choose from stone, concrete and even wood looks, allowing you to create a warm and maintenance-free look!

With 2cm tiles, you have 4 types of installations.

The ideal installation solution for creating walkways and barbecue areas. Dry installation on grass is also an easy way to create walkways in your garden.

Adhesive Installation

Raised floors for outdoor use (pedestal system) exploit the conventional floating or raised floor system. With this installation system, all pipes and wiring systems laid under the tiled surface can be inspected at any time. Also, thanks to the fixed and adjustable supports, this installation solves the problems of uneven ground. The pavers can be easily removed if necessary.

Raised Pedestal System

The ideal installation solution for parking lots or driveways, because once bonded the surface is extremely resistant to dynamic and concentrated loads. Expansion joints are required, and the spaces between the tiles must be filled with a cement-based grout.

Installation on gravel of sand

Installation on gravel ensures effective soil drainage through the spaces between the tiles, allowing water to drain into the soil. Schluter spacers can be used to aid drainage.

For our 2 cm special orders, please consult our virtual catalog. If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact a showroom representative.


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