Forbo® Vinyl Sheet & Tile Flooring Adhesive

  • SKU v8854g

Forbo V-885 Vinyl Sheet & Tile flooring adhesive is recommended for use with Forbo Eternal (Wood, Stone, Marble, Classic, Wood Decibel, Step, Step SR) Sheet Vinyl Flooring and ColoRex Tile (for non-ESD control applications only). This product provides reliable bonding to a variety of substrates. V-885 is a Zero VOC product and conforms to the latest California clean air requirements (some of the strictest in the nation). It's non flammable, water soluble when wet (for easy clean up) and is highly static conductive. Coverage for this product is approximately 175 square feet per gallon and it's supplied in 4 gallon pails only.

  • $296.00
  • Moisture & Mildew resistant
  • Available in four gallon units only
  • Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Not flammable; 100% Solvent free
  • Acrylic Polymer
  • Non-Staining & Passes SCAQMD#1168 norms
  • Excellent Aged Bond & Water Resistant