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Schluter®-DILEX-EKE is a corner movement joint profile with rigid PVC anchoring legs and a 3/16” (5 mm)-wide, soft chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) movement zone that separates individual tile fields at floor/wall transitions and inside wall corners and forms the visible surface

U : wall or floor / O : wall (See diagram)

  • Length: 250 cm (8' 2-1/2")
  • Designed to allow movement and reduce stress in large, tiled areas
  • Eliminates the need for caulking
  • Prevents cracking and delamination of tiles
  • Ideal profile for showers
  • Prevents surface water penetration and sound bridges, making it ideal for floor/wall transitions in sound-rated floors

*Select profil height to match tile thickness. Once installed, the top of the profil must be flush with, or about 1/32" below the surface of the tile. A larger profile may be required for large-format tiles that require a thicker bond coat.