TEC® PermaLastic® LHT Polymer Modified Mortar

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  • SKU TA435

One-component, Portland cement based tile mortar designed to set large format ceramic and stone tile firmly in place, without lippage or shrinkage, for interior and exterior floor applications where the embedded thickness is between 3⁄32"-1⁄2" (2.4 mm-12 mm).

PermaLastic® LHT Mortar may be used for the installation of porcelain tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile, non-moisture sensitive natural stone*, cement tile, pavers and high bottom lugged tile, and uncoupling membrane applications. * All natural stone should be tested to be sure discoloration does not occur.

Recommended Tile Type

  • Large Format
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone
  • Quarry Tile
  • Cement Tile
  • Paver

Recommended Substrates

  • Gypsum wallboard
  • Water resistant gypsum wallboard (greenboard)
  • Cured concrete, cured mortar beds, brick and masonry
  • Existing ceramic tile and natural stone (provided existing flooring is well-bonded
  • to an approved substrate)*
  • Adhesive residue (except tacky or pressure-sensitive
  • adhesive)
  • Glass mat backerboard
  • Cementitious backer units (CBU)
  • APA Grade Trademarked Exposure 1 Plywood [underlayment grade or better, two
  • layers, 11/8" (28 mm) total minimum thickness, interior floors only]
  • Vinyl composition tile, asphalt tile, linoleum or non-cushioned vinyl sheet
  • goods (provided such surfaces are single layered, well-bonded to an approved
  • substrate and properly prepared)
  • Uncoupling membranes
  • *Prime first with TEC® Multipurpose Primer

ANSI Specifications

  • A118.11
  • A118.4
  • A118.4T