TEC® LiquiDam Penetrating Moisture Vapor Barrier

  • SKU ta213

Formulated to be applied to damp or new concrete, as little as 48 hours old with a moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) less than or equal to 25 lbs. per 1000 ft² per 24 hours or a maximum relative humidity of 100%. It is designed to reduce the MVER to less than 3 lbs. per 1000 ft² per 24 hours.

Its blue colour assures proper coverage during the application process.

  • Delivers less than .1 permeability of water vapor through the membrane, exceeding the newly released ASTM F3010-13 standard for moisture vapor barriers.
  • One-step, single coat application
  • Can use with new concrete as little as 48 hours old (up to 100% RH)
  • Penetrates to fill gaps and voids
  • Install floor covering after as few as 4 hours
  • No shot blasting for clean, sound concrete
  • Low-odor, alkali resistant
  • Contains low VOC
  • Available in: 1 gallon kit

Exceeding recently released ASTM Standards (ASTM F3010-13) for moisture barriers, The LiquiDAM® is an excellent option for those seeking a surface preparation solution that offers superior moisture mitigation. Consistent moisture emission is capable of causing serious and costly damage if proper steps are not taken from the outset. The LiquiDAM provides a one-step, single-coat application that creates a floor moisture barrier and omits shot blasting for clean, sound concrete.

Capable of being applied to concrete as soon as 48 hours after pouring, this moisture barrier solution reduces vapor emission rates from 25lbs./100% RH/1000ft 2/24 hours to a rate of less than or equal to 3lbs./1000ft 2/24 hours. Moreover, TEC® has developed this flagship moisture mitigation product with a blue hue to make application easy and ensure full coverage. The LiquiDAM also emits a very low odor, is alkali resistant, and contains low VOC (volatile organic compound). While surpassing many of the ASTM standards, The LiquiDAM moisture barrier is a fast-drying formula, curing in a short 4–5 hours.

When applied to approved substrates using TEC installation system products, The LiquiDAM moisture barrier is guaranteed with a 20-year limited system warranty to prevent flooring damage and bond failure caused by vapor emissions. It is also a green product that will contribute to LEED project points.