Gemini® Revolution XT Slide Tray

  • SKU 1011

The slide tray is an excellent accessory to the Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw as it greatly increases the accuracy of your cutting. You can easily produce perfect angle cuts, bevel edges and exact squares. The slide tray comes with a double sided rule incremental in 1/16" on the fence on both sides of the blade - exact measurements are set on both sides of the blade taking into account the blade kerf so that there is no calculating necessary. The tray rides on parallel angle irons that are bolted to the saw, making the saw and tray stable and compact. Turn the slide tray around and increase your work surface by another third. Using it in this position allows you to use the included circle maker to create perfectly round circles up to 20" in diameter.

  • $655.49
  • Top quality tool from an industry leader
  • Doubles the work surface size
  • Ensures perfectly straight cuts - slice off as little as 1/8" without blade wander

The Slide Tray Kit comes complete with:

  • Work surface with fence and 20” rule
  • Two support brackets and mounting hardware
  • Two magnetized 45-degree angle guides
  • Complete instructions