Rubi® Venom Premium Diamond blade

  • SKU 31951

The VENOM diamond disc is recommended for cutting all types of ceramic tiles, including, of course, porcelain tiles. Additionally, the versatility of the VENOM diamond disc allows us to make cuts in materials as varied as marble, granite, as well as other natural stones and even the cutting of vitreous materials.

The VENOM discs, from RUBI, are continuous band discs to achieve the best quality in the cuts, but in addition, it has a steel core reinforced in the center to reduce vibrations and bending, guaranteeing a more precise cut.

  • VENOM diamond discs use laser technology to join the diamond band to the steel core of the disc.
  • Laser welding is the greatest guarantor of quality and safety in the production of diamond discs.
  • Within its range of diamond discs, RUBI offers the professional two disc qualities: PRO and PREMIUM.
  • PRO discs offer the professional user the best relationship between performance and price.
  • PREMIUM discs are the best option for the most demanding jobs.
  • Discs with thicknesses less than 2 mm are not suitable for miter cutting.