Rubi® Diamond Disc TGS Super Pro

  • SKU 40917

Blade Size : 4.5"

RUBI's TGS is a diamond blade for dry cutting and grinding all types of high hardness materials, such as granite, slate, porcelain stoneware, rustic stoneware, refractories, clinker or quartz conglomerates, among others. The TGS cutting and grinding blade is a SUPERPRO quality disc suitable for use only on grinders*. The specific design of the diamond band of the TGS cutting and grinding disc offers a higher cutting speed on harder materials without compromising on the quality of the finish. 

This particular diamond blade combines all the qualities of a TURBO blade with the benefits of a specially designed diamond band to reduce cutting stresses and improve the quality of the finish. The special alloy of the diamond band on the TGS blade allows cutting and grinding with a much higher speed and life than other blades. Taking into account the particularities of each type of disc (continuous, turbo, etc.) and the materials for which it has been designed, RUBI offers the professional three qualities of discs: PRO, SUPERPRO and PREMIUM.