Gemini® Revolution XT Single-Sided Fine Glass Blade

  • SKU 1055

The "Glass Blade", is for straight cuts in glass leaving the smoothest cut of any saw in the industry. (All blades cut all materials well but this is the best one for glass). The Revolution blades are very similar to the solid 10" diameter blades you will find on most high quality wet saws. The difference is that these blades have no center, giving you the ability to not only cut straight lines but also make tight radius cuts.

These blades run at a much slower R.P.M. than any tile saw but with far more torque, so they give the user a much higher quality cut with far less chipping and superior blade life. 

The single sided Glass Blade has a 10" diameter. It is a sintered diamond blade designed for forward cutting. With this blade you also get a 1" cube dressing stone just in case you need to true up the blade, but you'll probably never use it unless you get into real hard materials like technical ceramics.

  • $255.09
  • Unique hollow "sintered" blade allows for cutting gentle curves
  • Cuts going forwards only
  • Cuts curves as tight as 3/4" radius
  • Blade kerf is 1/16" - 3/32" 
  • Perfect for cutting glass and glass tile