Rubi® DT-10IN MAX Electric Cutter

  • SKU 26994

The RUBI DT-10IN MAX electric cutter is a PREMIUM mobile tile saw suitable for cutting any type of ceramic, porcelain, pavers, and glass tile as well as natural stone.

The DT-10IN MAX is equipped with a 15A motor and a head with a miter saw that allows us to adjust the cutting height to the needs of the material. The head of the DT-10IN MAX tilts at 22.5º and 45º for miter cuts in materials up to 1.1" thick. The design of the DT-10IN MAX includes a patented precision bearing table system with a maximum cutting length of up to 36" inches, which is equivalent to a maximum format diagonal cut of 25" inches.

The mobile table of the DT-10IN MAX is made of aluminum with a gripping rubber surface, for greater durability (resistance to oxidation) and greater lightness in the total assembly. It also incorporates a lateral extension that provides greater fixation and stability of the piece during the cut.

The DT-10IN MAX includes the exclusive RUBI C3 PHYTON cooling system that optimizes the cooling of the blade, extending its useful life, and reducing the loss of water due to splashes. With an added capacity to the rear tray and the anti-splash rear guard, we not only manage to work in a cleaner environment but also increase the reuse of water, reducing the volume of downtime necessary to fill the tank.

The head of the RUBI DT-10IN MAX is also equipped with a tracer laser that helps align cuts and increases their precision and speed.

The DT-10IN MAX includes, as standard, a 10" inch diameter ARROWHEAD premium blade. This saw is especially recommended for cutting ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile.

The 100 pounds weight of the DT-10IN MAX is very easy to transport, thanks to the folding stand, with a highly robust tubular steel structure and equipped with large wheels that facilitate mobility on any surface. Practically bring it anywhere.