Alpha® Vacuum Brazed Trimmer Bit

  • SKU dtb00250

Alpha® Trimmer Bit is versatile and can be adapted for use in construction trades wherever non-standard shaped cutouts are needed. This bit is perfect for electrical receptacles, water-valve holes, drains, shower knobs, etc. The vacuum brazed technology is specifically designed to provide an extended life when used on granites, engineered and natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles. It can be used wet or dry and fits on a high-speed trimmer tool.

  • Great For Use In Construction Trades Wherever Non-Standard Shaped Cutouts Are Needed
  • Perfect For Electrical Receptacles, Water-Valve Holes, Drains, Shower Knobs, etc.
  • Vacuum-Brazed Technology Provides Extended Life
  • Use On Granites, Engineered And Natural Stones, Porcelain And Ceramic Tiles
  • Can Be Used Wet Or Dry
  • Fits On A High-Speed Trimmer Tools