Montolit® FL3 Flash Line 3 Cutting System

  • SKU FL3

Flash Line 3, also known as FL3, is the latest porcelain slab cutter developed by Montolit as an upgrade of our best large format porcelain tile cutter.=

This new slab cutter features a valuable innovation, a rotating cutting head with 3 different incision wheels assembled on it. The idea of the 3 rotating wheels was originally suggested by a popular certified Italian tile installer, and has been tested by tiling schools and ceramic manufacturers.

  • Flash Line 3 is a large format tile cutter for porcelain slabs also known as Gauged Porcelain Tile (GPT), designed in cooperation with the “Politecnico di Milano” University.
  • It allows for the manual cut of stoneware porcelain thin slabs.
  • The 3 incision wheels (Ø 8/12/20mm) included in the “head” of the machine are able to cut any kind of stoneware porcelain, ceramic and glass without any hesitation. The user has the option to choose the best wheel in relation to the material, density, and surface in order to guarantee accurate cuts with a better finish, following instructions or according to his experience.

Key features

  • Patented non-slip system without suction cups.
  • Quick elastic connection.
  • “No Limits” extendable system with rails.
  • 3WD rotation – Titanium wheels selection system. Easy and immediate.
  • International patent;
  • 100% Made in Italy.
  • Maximum cutting length of the standard machine is 340 cm (134″) but extensions can be applied.