Raimondi® RAIZOR MKII cutting system for large formats

  • SKU 433CP00AR

Raizor MkII rail-cutting system for large format tiles up to 336cm includes:

• Two connectable rails sections having cutting lengths of 160cm each (5.24 ft)
• Die-cast scoring unit provided with titanium wheel Ø 20mm (13/16”), wheel with integrated bearing and calibrated screw.
• Cutting-off pliers for tiles/slabs with thickness from 3 to 12mm (1/8”-1/2”).
• Padded bag provided with shoulder straps and pocket.

The large-format tile cutting system can achieve a cutting length of up to 336 cm (expandable to 451 cm with an optional extension). It is light (weighs only 5.4 kg) and easy to transport. The trolley moves along a guide thanks to three rollers. The design of the cutting carriage is to transfer all the pressure exerted by the operator to the insert, eliminating any limitations and losses resulting from mechanical interference.

The 20 mm diameter titanium-coated cutting wheel is equipped with an integrated bearing and mounted on a calibrated high-strength steel screw. This ensures maximum smoothness, extraordinary precision and cutting efficiency, and facilitates quick replacement. The rails are made of extruded aluminum, and each of them has three double-lip rubber suction cups with a diameter of 95 mm, giving a total of 6 suction cups. They are stain resistant and are even suitable for structural tiles.

The suction cups not only help you measure your cut, but also prevent the cutting carriage from moving during cutting, ensuring maximum precision and efficiency. Additionally, suction cups placed on the aluminum rod prevent the rail from tipping over or moving during cutting, ensuring maximum precision and effectiveness in every situation. Thanks to this, the system is effective even with the most complex cuts and tiles of considerable thickness.

The distance between the cutting line and the aluminum rail is 20 mm, which facilitates simple and quick calculation of the dimensions of the cut element (in the metric system). Each suction cup has a release latch that can be used if it sticks to the tile. The suction cup holders move 180° to avoid colliding with the stroller. All rails are equipped with side caps to protect against accidental damage.