Sigma® Kera Cut Ext 8AE2

  • SKU 8ae2

Sigma tile cutter for large format tiles (323cm). The aluminium guide fixed to the tile by means of stain-resistant suction cups allows the trolley to slide with an engraving wheel.

With this system, it is also possible to cut tiles with a thickness greater than 7 mm (only on soft porcelain stoneware). Using the 41D separator (not included). For transport, guides and all accessories are included in the two suitcases provided. The tile cutter consists of two guides (166 cm each) that can be connected over a length of 332 cm. 

  • Extendable version with high-precision steel fittings
  • The push of the two-hand lever allows very deep engraving
  • Sliding trolley with coated wheels, double ball bearing on hardened raceways
  • Fixing on the tile with stain-free suction cups, freely positionable, also suitable for rough surfaces
  • The lower slides are covered with non-slip and stain-resistant rubber.

Equipment : 

  • 2 rails
  • 3 suction cups
  • sliding trolley,
  • clamp
  • suitcase 
  • bag