Gemini® Apollo Ring Saw

  • SKU 1100

The Gemini Apollo Ring Saw is both a ring saw and tile saw in one. It is capable of precision cutting through materials 3 inches thick and can cut tile up to 16” in diagonal. It slices through a wide variety of materials including natural & engineered stone, marble, ceramic tile, glass, non-ferrous metals, Plexiglass, and other materials. 

The powerful Apollo Ring Saw motor delivers 10 times more power, or torque, than traditional tile saws. Included are 2 magnetic angle brackets and sliding tray that ensures you the get the most accurate cut possible every time.

  • Cuts materials 3" thick
  • Cuts intricate designs and tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • Delivers 10x more power than standard tile saws
  • Wire Blade Cartridge houses Taurus 3 Wire Blades
  • Includes Sliding Tray
  • Includes 2 Magnetic Angle Brackets
  • 1 Year Warranty

Specifications :

  • Power 1/3 HP (120v)
  • Blade Size (min/max) 4" / 6".
  • Unlimited Rip Cut 
  • 16" Diagonally.
  • 3" Depth of Cut.
  • Dimensions: L 11" x W 20" x H 21".
  • Product Weight 32 lbs.