Rubi® DC-250 Python 1200 Tile Saw

  • SKU 56914

The RUBI range of DC-250 PYTHON electric cutters is designed with high-precision mobile head machines that offer the professional ceramic tile installer maximum functionality and reliability. The DC-250 PYTHON is ideal for intensive cutting of tiles and glazed stoneware, as well as for cutting porcelain stoneware or occasional cutting of natural stone.

The sliding motor assembly, on bearings, of the DC-250 PYTHON offers maximum precision and cutting quality, as well as the possibility of making miter cuts on pieces up to 33" inches (85cm) in the 850 model, and 42.5" inches (108cm) in the model 1200. The 1.5 CV motor, with a thermal protector, is perfect for cutting porcelain stoneware pieces.

  • Its removable aluminum tables facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the DC-250 PYTHON electric slicers and the folding legs system with built-in wheels that facilitates the mobility and handling of the slicers.
  • The DC-250 PYTHON includes an Arrowhead 10" diamond blade; ref#31900
  • The continuous band disc will allow you to execute cuts with optimal results and good performance. Thanks to the approved protector, the DC-250 PYTHON are machines also compatible with TURBO and SEGMENTED discs.
  • The DC-250 PYTHON incorporates an adjustable square up to 60º that facilitates angular cutting in large format pieces.

The DC-250 PYTHON electric cutters include the C3 PYTHON adjustable cooling system that allows the drop point of the water to be adjusted according to the thickness of the material, achieving a direct impact on the water of the cutting point. This allows to increase the EFFICIENCY of cooling and reduces water dispersion.

They also incorporate the patented ZERO DUST system, exclusive to RUBI, and certified by TNO*, for safe exposure thanks to reducing breathable dust particles generated during cutting. *offers “safe exposure” values to respirable quartz dust particles within the “user breathable zone,” allowing RUBI electric cutters to work safely for up to 3 hours non-stop cutting ceramic plates and 1-hour cutting of natural stone.

Its large working area (40" x 20") is ideal for working with large-format ceramic tiles and the 33" inches working height offers the professional better ergonomics. At RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of professionals. Within the design of our tools, ergonomics are always very present, since we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and correct execution.